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-The first people appeared in Britain about 2.5 mln years ago
-The Romans arrived in Britain 2000 years ago, bringing with them advanced military knowledge, architecture, law, medical practices and system of administration. The impact they had on the country is still visible in the language which contains thousands of Latin-based words.
-When the Romans left the country in 410 AD (more or less) is was left without an organised army to defend it, which served as an invitation to the Anglo-Saxons who promptly invided.
-In the 9th century AD the Vikings attacked the coasts and drove the Saxons out of a great part of the country, thus obtaining the Danelaw
-The Middle Ages in Britain saw a huge number of game changing events: the Norman Conquest, the Black Death epidemy, the Hundred Years’ War and the War of the Roses. It was a time of Norman rule.
-1707 marks the actual beginning of Great Britain (England and Scotland became officially united)
-The year when Wales and Ireland  joined the union of Scotland and England is 1801
-The reign of queen Victoria was a period of changes in technology, economics and also in society and rapid urbanization.
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