step1:draw a straight line (x-y)
step2:use your 30 degrees sets square to make a perpendicular line at 45 degreesj
step3:draw a semi circle with your compass pin at the point of intersection of the perpendicular line
1) to construct 60 degrees
step 1: measure your compass with the radius of your semicircle
step 2 : put the pin of your compass at the vertical line cutting through the semicircle and cut across the semicircle to form a arc
step 3:draw a straight line from the radius of the semicircle to cut across the arc ...
your 60 degrees is formed 
How to draw an acute angle
draw a straight line 
label the left side A and the right side B 
Use your protractor to mark 60 degree on A 
the you have angle 60
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