HOW  I  SPEND MY LAST HOLIDAY.
     It was after my  last exams I was notified by my mother that, I will be spending my christmas holiday with my uncle in lagos. In the next day I started making preparation toward my journey to lagos, on my way to lagos we arrived at orie. There was a acelebration going on it was an interesting celebration. when I arrived at lagos my cousins were delighted to see me, indeed it was a worth welcome. my uncle took me and is childrens to the cinema were we watch a movie called ''The mad king of ajudia''. After xmas I decided to go back to my home town warri, a day before resumption.
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Think about all the things you did during your holiday, even though they aren't really important. after that write all your ideas in a paper. start arranging it in order. check punctuation, spelling and in a few minutes you have a brilliant essay!
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