Math Lesson Plans PREV 1-20 of 773 NEXT Grades 2-3: Multiplication Flipbooks In this lesson, students will make a flipbook of multiplication strategies that they can use throughout the year as they strengthen multiplication fluency and problem solving skills.  Goal Students will interpret products as the number of objects in groups of objects (i.e. … Subjects: Common Core, Math   Grades: 2, 3     High School: Introduction to Statistics Grades 4-5: Multiplication and Order of Operations In this lesson, students will learn three rules for multiplication and will practice creating equations that prove those rules. This lesson also introduces students to note taking in math.  Goal Students will identify and apply the properties of operations.  Common Core State … Subjects: Common Core, Math   Grades: 4, 5   Grades 2-3: Reading Analog and Digital Clocks In this lesson, students will practice reading analog and digital clocks. This lesson also sets the stage for a fun BINGO game that can be played throughout the year.  Goal Students will read and write time on a digital and analog clock … Subjects: Common Core, Math   Grades: 2, 3   K-1 Math: Place Value Practice In this lesson, students will review and strengthen their number sense by playing various games that reinforce the concept of place value.   Goal Students will review and extend their knowledge of place value and their ability to represent two-digit numbers.  Common Core … Subjects: Common Core, Math   Grades: K, 1   Grades 4-5: Fraction Boot Camp    Creating Floor Plans in Excel Objectives Students will identify geometric patterns, practice measuring and drawing to scale, find perimeters and areas, improve business application technology skills, incorporate algebra and geometry skills and learn to appreciate a variety of home types. Materials Needed Measuring tape and Microsoft Excel … Subjects: Computers & Internet, Math   Grades: 2, 3, 4, 5   Shapes Poster For this activity all you are going to need is a basic poster paper or a large coloured peice is also replaceable,fat tip felt markers,and clean white paper. So first you are going to give the kids about 4-5 colors each,then give … Subjects: Art, Math   Grades: K, 1, 2   Where did the snow go?–A lesson on changes in density Where did the snow go? Grade range: K-2 Time to complete: 45-60 minutes Subjects/skills addressed: Science, Math Objective: Students will change the density of powdered sugar by adding a liquid. They will use the changed sugar to decorate a snowflake cookie. Materials … Subjects: Math, Science   Grades: K, 1, 2   Rainbows to Snowflakes: A Thematic Unit to Accompany Sometimes Snow Falls in the Summer by Deb Troehler Rainbows to Snowflakes: A Thematic Unit for Use in Grades K-3  The following activities were created to accompany Sometimes Snow Falls in the Summer, by Deb Troehler. Please see the attachment for photos and worksheets mentioned below. Table of Contents 1. Where … Subjects: Art, Language Arts, Math, Science   Grades: 1,2,3   What’s a Polygon? PUPILS KNOW WHAT ARE ANGLES, SEGMENTS, DIFFERENT KIND OF LINE. NOW THEY ARE GOING TO KNOW WHAT A POLYGON IS. NEXT LESSONS WILL BE ABOUT THREE – SIDES / FOUR-SIDES/ AND SO ON POLYGONS. Subject: Math   Grades: 8, 9, 10   Permuting Paper (and or) Permuting People Both lessons are described below. Permuting Paper              To begin, I typically ask kids how many different ways 10 students can line up.  I let them guess and write guesses on the board.  Commonly, their guesses are off by a couple of … Subjects: Math, Science   Grades: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8   Distinguishing Earthquakes by Using Math Applications Using the data provided by the teacher consisting of the date, city and state, and magnitude of the top 10 worst earthquakes in the United States history, students will graph the earthquakes by magnitude on a bar graph and then determine which … Subject: Math   Grades: 4, 5   Integers 1. Teacher will tape a line on the floor across the room and create cards of integers from the -15 to 15 and have the students come up and choose a card and create the number line. 2. Students will place themselves … Subject: Math   Grades: 6, 7   Types of Triangles Objectives: 1. MA Standard: 5.G.1: Students will identify, describe, and compare triangles: isosceles, right, equilateral, scalene, obtuse, and acute. 2. Students will discover a rule that states whether or not it is possible to construct triangles from given lengths. Materials:Brainpop Movie on triangles  … Subject: Math   Grades: 4, 5   Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Using GCF, and Simplifying Anticipatory Set / Objectives (5 min): Introduce the concept of fraction addition and subtraction, and teach the students how to use the greatest common factor, and how to simplify. Direct Instruction (40 min): Use pie charts to help the students understand how …