I hope this helps: Education & Reference More International About Social Science > Economics Next What factors led to the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.? a list would be nice thanks to those who help! Best Answer Lioness answered 6 years ago In general, an industrial revolution occurs when people move from working and living on farms to working in factories and living in cities. The American industrial revolution came after we went to war with GB in early 1800s and figured out we need a better transportation system and more economic independence from England and Europe. So, effort was put into effectively expanding was a complicated process but here are 3 important factors: 1- Railroads -- Transportation evolved from walking and horse power to steam-powered locomotives etc. Also, electricity was harnessed. 2- Population growth and immigration-- The blue collar working class expanded. Millions of new immigrants, and migrants from rural areas produced a large labor force, increasing production. 3- Protective Tariff-- Government policies were implemented to help protect American manufacturers.