1. Dangote Salt
2. Anapuna Iodized Salt

Haha... Those are not names of salts in chemistry.
Salts are compounds that are formed when metallic ions or ammonium ions replace all or some of the ionizable hydrogen in an acid. That being said, the following are names of salts.

1. Copper(II) tetraoxosulphate(VI), CuSO₄
2. Zinc tetraoxosulphate(VI), ZnSO₄
3. Potassium trioxonitrate(V), KNO₃
4. Aluminum potassium tetraoxosulphate(VI) duodecahydrate, KAl(SO₄)₂.12H₂O
5. Zinc Chloride, ZnCl
6. Silver Chloride, AgCl
7. Potassium tetraoxosulphate(VI), K₂SO₄
8. Silver trioxonitrate(V), AgNO₃
9. Calcium trioxocarbonate(IV), CaCO₃
10. Copper(II) trioxonitrate(V), Cu(NO₃)₂
11. Iron(II) tetraoxosulphate(VI), FeSO₄
12. Sodium trioxocarbonate(IV), Na₂CO₃
13. Sodium trioxonitrate(V), NaNO₃
14. Calcium Chloride, CaCl₂
15. Sodium hydrogen tetraoxosulphate(VI), NaHSO₄
16. Sodium tetraoxosulphate(VI), Na₂SO₄
17. Potassium hydrogen tetraoxosulphate(VI), KHSO₄
18. Calcium tetraoxosulphate(VI), CaSO₄
19. Magnesium tetraoxosulphate(VI), MgSO₄
20. Ammonium chloride, NH₄Cl
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