It causes harm  and environmental diseaster
So4 is an evident gas molecule in today’s atmosphere. Its natural production is erupting volcanoes whereas majority of man-made production is accounted by industrial processes and combustion of petroleum (as it contains sulfur compounds). This impacts the environment (and thus living habitats) in several ways. In the presence of NO2 as a catalyst, further oxidation of SO2 creates H2SO4 which plays a role in formation of acid rain. The negative impacts of acid rain are mostly direct on vegetation, soil, aquatic-life creatures and buildings. The acid in rain water is too dilute to have significant health effects on humans directly. The hazard of acid rain to human health to be of most consideration is leaching of toxic trace metals from soil, acidification of lake water and entrance to the household water supply. Lead plumbing exposed to acidified water has a risk of lead enter drinking water. The parental compounds SO4 and NO2 themselves in air are established to have direct health effects on humans. Being a mild to strong irritant, SO2 in air is established to have quick effects on respiratory function. Long term respiratory effects are now also becoming more evident. Under quite nasal breathing, SO2 has more prominent effect only as far as the nose and throat...I got this from a sos textbook, hope it helps