N=PV/NT             V=nRT/P           where n is the mole,V is the volume of the gas,P is the pressure of the gas and T is the temperature of the gas.                                   convert 23 degree celsius to kelvin   23 degree celsius=(273+23)kelvin=296K                    :. V=4.0*0.082*296/300                                                                                                   V=97.088/300                                                                                                              V=0.32
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The ideal gas equation is something like this;
pV = nRT
p = pressure (in atm)
V = volume (in dm³)
n = no. of moles (mol.)
R = molar gas constant, (0.082atm.dm³.mol⁻¹.K⁻¹)
T = absolute temperature (Kelvin)

making V the subject of the formular,
V = \frac{nRT}{P}

n = 4mol.
R = 0.082atm.dm³.mol⁻¹.K⁻¹
T = (-23 + 273)K = 250K
P = 300mmHg = \frac{300}{760}atm

V = \frac{(4mol)(0.082atm.dm³.mol⁻¹.K⁻¹)(250K)(760mmHg)}{300mmHg}
V = 207.733dm³

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